District 3

District 3 is one of the most safe and secure areas of Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon).

Located near the very heart of the city, our rentals are easily within walking distance of:
- supermarkets
- bus stops
- coffee shops
- businesses
- other local attractions

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AnnaK Your Hostess

Anna has been a gracious hostess to American, Canadian and other foreign visitors in her home for many years.

Born and brought up in Saigon (and what was then South Vietnam), she speaks two langauages: fluent Vietnamese (her native language) and an advanced working knowledge in writing and speaking English.

AnnaK is a retired, 20 year career employee in the fields of taxation and accounting in District 3 (Q3) and knows the area very well.

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The Amenities

Rent an entire floor of a multi-story private home.

Each private floor has a huge bedroom with a deluxe balcony overlooking the beautiful City of Saigon.

Opposite the bedroom is a modern, eat in kitchen

2 fully appointed, private bathrooms on each floor

Other amenitites: free, 24/7 WiFi access, free cable TV (including HBO) and laundry and food service (for an additional fee).

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